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Contest: What is the temprature?

Tuesday, March 6th, 2007


Global warming has had many side effects. From unusual melting of the artic ice to abnormal weather conditions all over the world. This temperature related puzzle is simple if you use your science and math knowledge logically. Solve it and get a chance to win a prize. Here it the puzzle:

Physics teacher barges in the classroom in a cold winter morning and starts the following conversation with students:

Teacher:  ”It is brutally cold out there! It feels like ??? degrees!”

Student: “What degrees, Centigrade or Fahrenheit?”

Teacher: “Your choice, either one works.”

Student: “How could it be, Centigrade and Fahrenheit are different units?”

Teacher: “Yes, but you can use either unit for this temperature!”

 So the puzzle is this:

          “What temprature NUMBER was the teacher talking about?”

The correct answer should include the proof besides the NUMBER itself.

IMPORTANT: Submit your answers to this puzzle as a “Comment” to this post by March 20, 2007. The winner will be chosen from the submitted correct answers during the Norouz 1386 celebration of Shirin Center.