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How to enter text and image into Shirin Blog?

Saturday, January 27th, 2007
1.  Using your “UserName” and “PassWord” login to Shirin Blog at: .                         

2.  Click on the ”Write” tab to open the editor where you can enter the title and text for your entry.

3. When done, click on the the ”Save” button. Now your post will appear as a “Draft” on the top of your page and also it is sent to the blog “Administrator” for publication. 

Note: If/when you have image uploding permission, you will see an image uploding area blow the editor. In such case, you can take the following steps for uploading your image:

1. Click on “Browse”, choose your desired photo and then click on ”upload”.

2.  Now you can see the thumbnail of the uploaded photo.

3.  Click on the uploaded photo. Photo will be covered by the following options:


- “Thumbnail/Original” (Sets  the size of the image you want to post. Choose “Thumbnail”)  

- “NotLinked/LinkedToImage/LinkedToPage” (Choose “LinkedToImage”  to link your posted thumbnail image to your full size image.)


- “Send to editor” to send this thumbnail photo to the post space.

4. Click  “Publish” or “Save” button to save and exit the editor. Done!

>> Milan