Origin of the Eunuchs Operating System!

Ron is not a typical American; he adores Iran, Iranians and has studied Middle Eastern cultures; besides, he has a great sense of humor. This is the chapter one of his recent work called:“The World According to Ron” .
Origin of the Eunuchs Operating System!

The ancient Middle East played an important role in the early development of the modern computer. Centuries ago, kings would employ the services of a certain type of men, called eunuchs, to guard their harem, or wives, from intruders. These eunuchs mingled freely among the kings wives and were free to cavort carnally with them. The king would have no fear of his eunuchs impregnating any of his wives and eliminating any possibility of producing an illegal heir to the throne. These eunuchs, of course, were castrated.

Some of them were such good singers with a mellow high voice the king would ask them to sing for him. They eventually became known in the musical world as Castratos. Later, Vienna would learn of these men with a beautiful voice and began using the idea of Castratos by having young boys castrated before reaching puberty. This procedure kept the boys’ voices artificially high, even as they grew past the age when their voices would normally lower. They became known as the world famous Vienna Boys Sausages that sang extremely well.

So, it is told, the ancient kings of Babylon unwittingly began using the Eunuchs Operating System in their palace. The rest of us have to use a similar but problematic Microsoft software family. Microsoft, nothing but the best helps keep your hardware from running smoothly.

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