Breading giant rabbits for food in North Korea

Karl Szmolinsky of Germany has been bredaing rabbits since 1964. His favorite breed, German gray giants, weighing as much as 23 pounds and so fat they can barely hop.

giantrabbit.jpg bigRabbitVertical.JPG giantRabbitFeet.jpg

The North Koreans approached Szmolinsky in November 2006 and asked whether he’d advise them on how to start a rabbit breeding program to help “feed the population.” He accepted and took some of his giant rabbits to North Korea to start a breading program for them, apparently in an attempt to ease the nation’s endemic food shortage.

Besides genetics, the main secret in raising such huge rabbits is feeding them a lot things they like. So watch what you are eating!

It is amazing what hard work and determination can achieve.

>> Mat

Source: Boston Globe, Feb. 4, 2007


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  1. Kathy Says:

    There is a very amusing myspace profile for one of these giant rabbits. Someone has been quite clever and spent quite a bit of time making it. The profile is for Herman Big Bunny. It is worth a look if you need a laugh.

  2. MsAdams Says:

    How much does it cost links on your blog (Blogroll)?

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