How to use Shirin Blog?

Please keep the follwoing points in mind while browsing the “Shirin Blog” at

1. ALL the posts/entries are listed in the chronological order, and the newest entry will be shown first.

2. Only the lastest 10 posts will be shown when you open the above page. However, you can see the ramaining posts by clicking on the “Previous Entries” at the bottom-left side of that page.

3. Anybody can access and view Shirin Blog entries from anywhere in the world. However, you need “Username” and “Password” if you want to add comments or create new entries/posts.

4. By clicking on the “Catagories” listed in the right column of the Shirin Blog page, you can view only the specific material you are looking for. For example, clicking on “Technology” lists all the entries related to Technology.


5. You can also choose to view only the entries in a specific month by selecting it from the list in “Archieve” section in the right column. See the previous figure.


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