Planet Earth Documentary Fiasco regarding “Persian Gulf”


Planet Earth Documentary Fiasco regarding “Persian Gulf”

written by: Franz Mobayyen

Jan. 25, 2009

I was watching Planet Earth, a documentary series on Discovery Channel, last night at 8:30 pm EST (Jan. 4, 2009), when strangely enough, they used the wrong name for “Persian Gulf” during their segment about the Bahrain desert!  It is so unfortunate that in this amazing documentary they made such an outrageous mistake. I have a hard time believing that it was only an Innocent mistake! So I would like to ask any concerned Iranian to please email Discovery Channel and inform them about their mistake.

The name of the author of the Planet Earth is Alastair Fothergill, a British writer. I searched online to find his email to contact him but I couldn’t find his email. If you find his email, please leave as comment on this post.

Instructions for filing a complain with Discovery Channel

1. Click on this link

2. Select “Network/Program Related” for “Question Regarding”

3. On the 2nd page, choose “Discovery Channel HD” for “Network”

4. On the 3rd page, choose “Planet Earth” for “Program/Show”

5. On the 4th page select “Primetime 6:00 pm- 2:00 am” for “Program Time”.

6. Type in your EFFECTIVE comment.


It is so easy, please DON’T postpone it!

Please raise the public awareness regarding this issue


forwarding the following link (URL of this post) to your mailing list:

Thank you.

More Info:

Khalij-e-Fars (Persian Gulf)

4 Responses to “Planet Earth Documentary Fiasco regarding “Persian Gulf””

  1. Mohammad Karim Tahmasbi Says:

    من هم یه کارایی کردم که بتونم ایمیل این آقا رو پیدا کنم به یه جاهایی هم رسیدم اما این کاری که گفتید کردم که فکر نکنن ما ایرانیا خوابیم!
    bara in ke betunid ba payam befrestid bara in agha shayad site e betune komak kone. hatta profile e sho peyda kardam ama e-mailesho natunestam peyda konam.

  2. mehrsa Says:

    با تشکر از اینکه این اطلاعات رو در اختیار ما قرار دادید. من هم به کارهای بالا را انجام دادم. واقعا اگر کسی این متن رو بخونه اما این کار کوچک رو انجام نده، نمی تونه یک ایرانی باشه. بخصوص اینکه هیچ هزینه ای براش نداره. باز هم متشکرم.

  3. ali Says:

    Dear Farnaz;
    Thanks a lot for taking your valuable time and bringing this to our attention by writing this post which has given us to process for doing something about it.
    What follows is my complaint/comment text to Discovery Channel (Planet Earth Program).

    =============== My complaint/comment Text to Discovery Channel ==============

    Dear Director;

    I am writing to mention an important point regarding your “Planet Earth” program mistake which I saw on Jan. 4, 2009 at 8:30pm (EST) on Discovery Channel.
    In that program, a WRONG NAME was used for PERSIAN GULF. I hereby, would like to ask you to make the necessary arrangements for its correction asap and keep me informed of your actions so there be no need to follow this issue any further.

    For your further information, here is a link to an ANTIQUE MAP which goes back to over 250 years ago and mentions the name correctly as:
    Persische Golf (”Persian Gulf”).

    Please keep in mind that the name has been always Persian Gulf as long as the history shows.
    Many thanks in advance for your attention and prompt action.


    Dr. Ali Taalebinezhaad

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